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21-06-2022, 11:14

New: Class Exploitation in Stranger Things: The Continuity of the Reagan and Trump Administration

By Fleur Renkema In 2016, Netflix released the series Stranger Things, written and directed by the Duffer Brothers. Critics wildly praised the show and it received thirty-one Emmy Award nominations. The...   Meer

15-06-2022, 17:03

New: Li Ziqi and Chinese Rural Utopia

By Martin Esseman This video essay is an attempt to begin the conversation about how we might cultivate a desire for a new type of future in the face of climate change and environmental destruction. It is...   Meer

15-06-2022, 11:49

New: The Significance of Writing: Jhumpa Lahiri’s Hybrid Identity in Unaccustomed Earth

By Sietse Hagen ‘In spite of the ocean that now separated her from her parents, she felt closer to them’ (Lahiri 144). In her book Unaccustomed Earth, Jhumpa Lahiri examines the confrontation between...   Meer

21-03-2022, 16:35

New: The person behind the face: The balance between Walter Benjamin’s exhibition value and cult value within two different forms of portraiture

By Nathalie Schram You have probably heard of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Yet in the field of narratology, there is still some debate on whether a picture can actually tell a story....   Meer

21-03-2022, 16:33

New: The Paranoid Podcaster

In The Paranoid Podcaster, PhD candidate Hanne Nijtmans (University of Groningen, NL) will take you along on her research quest to understand the proliferation of paranoia in twenty-first century U.S. culture....   Meer

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