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Catastrophe as “The Great Equalizer”? Re-reading Disaster Fiction in the Age of Pandemics

By Hanne Nijtmans

I have always been very interested in disaster fiction—stories in which some kind of catastrophic event happens that destroys society as we know it, dramatically changing the lives of those who survived the disaster. Reading disaster fiction during the Covid-19 pandemic offers some new perspectives on how we imagine our future, helping us understand both the current Corona crisis and the incoming climate disaster, that is already leading to climate refugees and ecological disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and floods. Having recently taught Emily St. [Read More…]

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REVIEW – Hamilton: American Exceptionalism, The Musical

By Hanne Nijtmans


While Lin Manuel Miranda’s newest project, musical-movie In The Heights already made its way into the movie theatres, Broadway’s biggest hit musical Hamilton is still available as one of the first musicals on streaming platform Disney+. With this move, the show had not only gained renewed attention, but also its biggest audience to date. The Broadway show turned film is lauded by critics, as New York Times’ A.O. [Read More…]

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