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11-03-2022, 12:28

New: Silences, History, and The Fire Next Time: A Reading of Raoul Peck’s Exterminate All The Brutes

By Manar Ellethy “The fact that US slavery has both officially ended and yet continues in many complex forms of institutionalized racism, makes its representation particularly burdensome. […] As writer...   Meer

23-12-2021, 13:47

New Art Available

Three new pieces from Christa Lankhaar are available in the 'Arts' Section.    Meer

07-12-2021, 11:09

Editorial Team Complete, New Contributions Soon!

Exciting times at The Arts Bunker: we had a wonderful range of submissions, and a great group of people that applied for editor. We are so glad our editorial team is now complete with Amalia Calderón, Aya...   Meer

12-10-2021, 10:17

New Editor: Nathalie Schram!

We're very happy to announce we already have found one new editor (we're still looking for more!). Welcome to the team, Nathalie Schram! Nathalie was the first one to apply and her enthusiasm and ideas stood...   Meer

03-09-2021, 09:59

Call for Contributions

Would you like an open and friendly space to share your ideas, art and writings? Your search is done: send in your contribution to the editorial board of The Arts Bunker. We are looking for any creative,...   Meer

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