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Call for Contributions

Would you like an open and friendly space to share your ideas, art and writings? Your search is done: send in your contribution to the editorial board of The Arts Bunker. We are looking for any creative, journalistic or academic contributions related to arts and society.

We are looking for relevant contributions that are thoughtful and aim to further understand the role of arts and culture in society. The main categories are:

Culture and commentary: in this section we are looking for contributions between 800-2000 words max. For example, opinion pieces or short essays about particular and surprising aspects of culture, politics or current
events. Reviews of any cultural object (film, books, podcasts, poetry, art, etc.). Short (under)graduate essays about culture and arts. Feel free to use alternative formats (video essay, spoken word, etc.).
Art: in this section we are looking for creative contributions related to social topics or providing cultural commentary. We welcome any artforms, provided they can be posted on the website, for example: visual art, poetry, video, dance, comics, music, etc. Provide a date and title and explain your artwork and its meaning in 100-200 words. You can send in either 1 artwork, or a collection of up to 3 pieces/parts.

Send in your contribution to before 30 October for our Fall Contributions! We will review your contribution, provide feedback and help you with publishing it on the website.

 Arts Bunker CFP.pdf

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