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New Editor: Nathalie Schram!

We're very happy to announce we already have found one new editor (we're still looking for more!). Welcome to the team, Nathalie Schram!

Nathalie was the first one to apply and her enthusiasm and ideas stood out and she truly works at the intersection of arts and academia.

About Nathalie
Nathalie Schram is a research master student at the University of Groningen and holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art: Photography from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. She has specialized in two different areas: the narrative potential of photography, and art sociology. In her previous research, she focused on how the nature of photography allows for different tactics of storytelling and narrative affordances than in other single still images. In the last two years, she was part of two studies on the effects of the current pandemic on the cultural sector. One study focused on cultural entrepreneurs and the other on art teachers of amateur art classes and those enrolled in these classes. Her most recent research is on the way that entrepreneurship is taught at art academies.

We're still looking for one or more new editors!
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