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New: Li Ziqi and Chinese Rural Utopia

By Martin Esseman
This video essay is an attempt to begin the conversation about how we might cultivate a desire for a new type of future in the face of climate change and environmental destruction. It is not meant to be a comprehensive criticism of the kind of content creation practices that Li has made so popular in recent years, but rather a discussion of the context in which it emerged. Any discussion of the ethicality of non-Western cultural phenomena in a Western context very easily ends up being heavily coloured by the centuries of continuing political propaganda, and even well-meaning efforts to promote certain practices might end up replicating the same colonial hierarchies. If this video seems strangely devoid of political critique it is to avoid making this mistake. I advise any curious viewer to look up the references mentioned in this video for themselves, and to make up their own mind, if only to broaden their horizon.

See the full essay in the Culture and Commentary Section

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